Monday, 2 December 2013

K-Drama Review: Suspicious Housekeeper

Written by Kidge (with interruptions by Aimes … who hasn't watched this yet). 

This show just finished and I am proud to say, I made it to the end. Quite possibly one of the oddest shows I've watched in recent times, but it had something strangely compelling about it which forced me to keep coming back each week.

Quick summary: 
After the mother of a family of four dies, a strange woman who harbors secrets is employed as a housekeeper. The show follows the families life as it evolves with the new presence in their home. 

Warning: this review will definitely contain some spoilers. (Really, they're only mild spoilers).

So the show begins with a mother of four kids having committed suicide, and a father who you first meet sitting on the toilet basically rocking himself back and forth because he can't face his children. Why can't be face his children, I hear you ask. Well, he has been having an affair, isn't sure that he really ever loved his wife, and doesn't know if he loves his children either. (This show sounds terrible!). Yep, he is not a character that you love on first sight. In fact, I'm not convinced I ever really liked him. He did grow as a character throughout the series and I think the reason I didn't end up completely hating him was that he was written as a man who was genuinely confused about how his life had turned out, and truly tried his best, even though I felt his best was often completely lacking in normal fatherly behavior. Thank goodness for Eun Hye-kyul, the youngest daughter (played by Kang Ji-woo). She was so totally adorable that I think you would literally have to have a heart of stone not to fall in love with her. 

Speaking of hearts of stone. The suspicious housekeeper, aka Park Bok-nye (Choi Ji-woo). I don't want to tell you her plot line, otherwise I really am ruining it for you, but when you meet her she is pretty much a robot. I'm really not exaggerating. She speaks in a stilted way, walks in a stilted way and takes all orders extremely literally. Plus, she has basically locked away her emotions and heart. Yeh. I'm making this show sound kind of awful. In all honesty Bok-nye is another strange character, but is also bizarrely compelling. I dare you to try and watch the show without being hooked in, wanting to find out why the suspicious housekeeper really is incredibly suspicious, not to mention lacking in normal human emotion. Go on, I dare you. (Dare not accepted).

The only normal storyline (and when I say that I mean it in relative terms) is the eldest daughter. She likes a guy who is actually nasty but ends up an alright guy because of her intervention and the help of another dude who also likes the girl. Wooh what a mouthful. (What was that I hear you say? It's finally got a plot point just like every other K-drama? Why yes, yes it does. There may be hope for this show yet). Eun Han-kyul is played by Kim So-hyun. Normally I really like her, but I felt like she was lacking in expression/personality here. Plus the love interest is a fair bit older than her in real life so they lacked chemistry (despite the fact that he is ridiculously handsome). 

On the other hand, the always cute Park Ji-bin plays is the classic noble idiot second lead, and is pretty funny to boot. (I'm starting to feel like I'll just watch the bits with these three. Good plan? I think so).

Overall, I feel that there are issues with pacing in this show and for some people, the sheer oddity of its characters and premise might be difficult to overcome. Despite all this, it is such an off beat drama, that like the Addams Family, you can't help but become attached to people that are just as dysfunctional as you are. 

(If you are looking for something a little happier, try 'To the Beautiful You'. Minho always gives me the warm fuzzies).


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